Meet J2B Industrial



J2B Industrial is a Certified Fabricator with an extensive background in Industrial projects ranging from building complex Industrial skids to full Turnkey Steel Fabricated Industrial Buildings. Our firm is embedded with a leadership that contains over 40+ years’ of experience in Managing/Leading very complex and expansive Industrial projects. Our services range from building weldments to building Industrial Skids and Steel Buildings. But most importantly, we build lasting relationships.

Our firm is determined to deliver the best-in-class results on time and within budget. Our customer database continues to flourish simply because we strive to provide exceptional service and that trend that continues to define our growth strategy. Helping our clients achieve their goals helps J2B Industrial achieve our own.


J2B Industrial has based its success on these simple, yet profound approaches:

  • Continuously strive and go beyond what’s expected
  • Develop strong long-term repeat business relationship with each of our clients
  • Deliver high-quality, value-oriented products and solutions
  • Provide an opportunity for key management personnel to develop and prosper in proportion to their contribution to the company.