Expert Fabrication Services in Jacksonville, FL

J2B Industrial offers custom fabrication, manufacturing, and engineering services in Jacksonville, Florida. We work with alloy, stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, and abrasion-resistant materials. Our expert services are catered to various industries, including:

  • Power & Utility

  • Paper & Pulp

  • Steel Mills

  • Refrigeration

  • Wood Mills

  • Construction & EPC

  • Marine

What to Expect

Building or Construction Site Blue Print


We design swift solutions to support our clients with fast-to-market skids, piping, steel, and component products. We provide solutions for the partial or entire life span of your project.



Our firm manages and implements key quality processes/procedures as per ISO guidelines to ensure your product is properly tracked from infancy to final FAT and turnover.

Large Steel Processing Plant


Our fabrication/manufacturing professionals have supported owners, end-users, and product suppliers with utmost quality and timeliness. Visit the services page to explore our services.